Pitching ‘In The New Normal‘

8 out of 10 sales emails I have received in the recent past, started with an enquiry about my well-being 'during these challenging times' quickly jumping onto pitches about '<industry/function> in the new normal', and 'coping with the unprecedented changes'. I appreciate the empathy - I really do, but I can't help but feel that -

  1. We really let even empathy turn into a cliche through placeholder language and tone
  2. There is an inherent hopelessness in these pitches - they're mostly about navigating the short-term
  3. These pitches don't quite allow for long-term engagement considering most people aren't in a position to buy right now

This is the time to be genuinely empathetic AND hopeful. Talk about how your solution/services can help the company cope today AND be better prepared for when things get better. How you can support them in being better prepared for the resurgence of revenue or the stabilisation of costs.

Sure, not all companies can afford engaging and nurturing leads well into the next quarter; they need their short-term wins. But those that can, must try to not let funnel myopia and banalities dictate their entire plan. There's still hope - for everyone.

Idea courtesy: Muthulakshmi Subbiah


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