Thinking in Spreadsheets

I was going through my personal Google Drive earlier today, and I realised something - I plan a lot with spreadsheets.

Over the past few decades, like many others, I too have felt that the way we think about out lives is heavily influenced by technology and the tools we use. It was this thought that led me towards ideating my first product 7 years ago.

Instead of memories, information, intuition, inspiration, etc, we've taught ourselves to think of everything in our life as data that can be classified by their file extensions and the apps that we use to view/review them. These data silos don't overlap with each other and seldom have any common identifier attribute that works for us just as well as it does for machines. Your inspiration is on Pinterest, your ideas are on Notion, your memories in your photo gallery and so on. But I digress.

I seem to have inadvertently trained myself to think in terms of columns and rows especially for plans. Just a quick peek of my personal drive shows that I have spreadsheets for the following -

  • Diet Plans with calorie counts and macros
  • Workout Logs with individual sheets for muscle groups
  • Holiday Itineraries + My packing list
  • Packing list for when I moved from Bangalore to Hyderabad
  • Restaurant Wish-lists for Bangalore, Hyderabad, Puducherry
  • Salary, Finance, Investing, Budgeting Calculators
  • and so many more

The approach has helped me think though plans and goals better, even if it means that I might be over-organising and over-engineering my life.

Despite the fact that I use a lot of tools and apps that could ideally help me plan and organise a whole bunch of the tasks above (MyFitnessPal, Keep, Zomato etc), I seemingly default to spreadsheets and I think that is just testament to how easy and versatile they are.

I mean, look at this -


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